The Grace, Grit & Gratitude Squad Philosophy

Grace, Grit & Gratitude founder Ange Noy became a personal trainer after making big lifestyle changes to help combat her symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. She came to love the gym environment and spent all her time there training, working with others and hanging out in group fitness classes. However, towards the end of her 20’s this ‘healthy’ lifestyle was leaving her feeling burned out.

This is where yoga came into play, and she began the journey of her yoga teacher’s training. The emphasis on stretching, mindfulness and meditation helped to counter her stress levels and she left every yoga session feeling amazing, so began to introduce these principles into her existing training methods.

Now as a mum to two young girls, Ange’s own focus is no longer about getting abs or losing weight, her goals and priorities have shifted. She wants to feel more energetic, to relieve stress, to have time to herself and to feel healthier. Energy is precious when you’re only getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night for months on end after having a baby! Also, her second pregnancy was high risk and left her on modified bed rest for almost 5 months, so she took this opportunity to do a nutrition coaching qualification. It also changed her mindset around how she trained people, and her new goal became all about getting people active, social and outdoors in ANY capacity.

For her own personal training clients during sessions, whether they’re following her specific cues or opting for another form of movement that feels better for them at the time, Ange has introduced the idea of permission into her sessions. Permission to move in the way that serves you best and will keep you coming back for more.

What we’re all about

After watching the documentary Embrace, Ange wanted to take a more body positive stance towards health and fitness – this is why we prefer not to use before/after photos (‘after’ photos are not the end of your journey, they’re more of a ‘right now’). We also prefer not to overly promote weight loss (even though we do recognise this is a common goal for many women).

Instead, we’ve chosen to encourage you to learn how to listen to your body’s cues again. How does the workout make you feel? Do you have the energy to do an intense workout or would some stretches serve you better? Does your food leave you feeling light and energetic or lethargic? Do you feel rested after sleeping at night?

Generally if you start to look at your fitness, nutrition and wellbeing in this way, you will start to feel better and your body will attempt to find it’s own way back to a sense of balance. If you have more specific goals, there are always ways to fine tune your results but we want you to do this in a healthy way without calorie counting and running yourself into the ground.

This isn’t about fast fixes, fads and short term results; because who wants to be on a diet forever or so exhausted from over-training that you can’t enjoy your down time? The reason many people fail at their health and wellness goals is because they attempt to change too many things too quickly.

The Grace, Grit & Gratitude Squad is about developing quality health habits that are sustainable in the long term while fostering happiness, courage, determination and appreciation for what you CAN do rather than what you can’t.

We don’t want to overhaul everything you’re doing, but we do want to help you make healthier modifications to your existing habits. These changes may seem small, but over time small modifications can add up to big results.

Keen to get started?

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