10 minute cardio

Workout: 10 minute Cardio (11 mins)

Lift your heart rate while getting your lungs working and blood pumping with this 10 minute cardiovascular interval training workout. 

10-10-10 boxing

Workout: 10 Minute Boxing (10 mins)

Love boxing but don’t have much time on your hands for exercising? Check out this 10 minute boxing workout that will get your heart pumping! No gloves or wraps necessary. …

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basics HIIT

Workout: Basics HIIT (29 mins)

In this interval training workout, we’re bringing things back to the basic moves. 20 minutes of HIIT – four 5-minute rounds. Each round has five exercises that last for a …

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Running for beginners

Keen to start running but not sure where to begin? It can be daunting to pick up the pace when you aren’t used to it, but we’re here to help …

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Fundamentals Session: Boxing (17 mins)

Keen to give shadow boxing a go? Make sure you take a look at this tutorial to learn about your basic punches, lower body moves and defensive movements. This is …

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Workout: Cardio & Core HIIT (28 mins)

Keen for an interval training workout to strengthen your core and improve your cardiovascular fitness? Give this one a go! Plenty of options to cater to beginners through to experienced …

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Cardio vs. Resistance: What should I do?

No matter what your goal, for a balanced exercise programme it’s best to do a combination of cardio and resistance training (with some flexibility/stretching sessions thrown into the mix as …

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