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roll out your spine

Yoga: Roll Out Your Spine (31 mins)

Your spine is so important; it carries your head, provides support and structure for your body, allows you to bend and twist, and the spinal cord and nerves send signals …

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yoga posture

Yoga for Better Posture (40 mins)

Learn how to stand taller, reduce lower back pain and alleviate tightness and tension throughout the body with this yoga practice created to help you improve your posture. Optional props: …

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love lower back

Yoga: Love your lower back (39 mins)

The lower back is an area that’s easily susceptible to tightness and injuries. Try this practice to help improve mobility in the spine and pelvis, release tension and strengthen the …

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dance conditioning

Workout: Dance Conditioning (31 mins)

You don’t have to be an amazing dancer to do this dance conditioning workout designed to strengthen and tone muscles while adding an element of grace into the mix. Great …

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ignite your agni

Yoga: Ignite Your Agni (37 mins)

Translated from Sanskrit, agni means ‘fire’. In Ayurveda, the ancient health system associated with yoga, agni is responsible for our digestive and metabolic processes. When our agni is normal, our …

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sides bends glutes

Workout: Sides, Bends & Glutes (36 mins)

A workout to target some of the muscles that don’t often get a whole lot of attention but are really important for our core strength and stability. TIME: 36 minsTARGET: …

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Yoga: Grounding Flow (38 mins)

When life is hectic or you’re feeling stressed or anxious, grounding yoga poses can help give us a sense of stability again. Take time out from your busy schedule for …

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Yoga: Hip Openers (41 mins)

In the world of yoga, the hips are said to hold emotional, mental and physical tension. On a day-to-day level, this part of our body does so much for us …

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Yoga: Slow Flow (33 mins)

A slow flow session to leave you feeling revived and re-energised, finishing off with a body rotation meditation. TIME: 33 mins TARGET: Full body, mindfulness

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