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flip it over

Workout: Flip It Over (13 mins)

This short and sweet core workout challenges you by alternating every minute from a plank position to Pilates-style floor work on your back. 

dance conditioning

Workout: 10 minute Dance Conditioning (11 mins)

Work on your leg strength, posture and core stability with this dance conditioning inspired session with exercises divided into one-minute intervals.

floor work photo

Workout: 10 minute Floor Work (11 mins)

Challenge your core with this series of 10 moves all performed lying down on the ground. With a new exercise to do for each minute of the training session, work …

Workout: 10 minute Floor Work (11 mins) Read More »

push ups

Workout: 10 minute Push Ups (11 mins)

Mentally prep yourself and dig in for this one! 10 minute intervals with a different push up variation for each round; your upper body is about to get a great …

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legs cover

Workout: 10 minute Legs (11 mins)

Give your lower body some focused attention with this short and sharp 10-minute legs workout. This is an interval training session, so you’ll be doing a new exercise each minute! …

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Hold it photo

Workout: 10 minute Hold It! (11 mins)

You don’t have to be moving your body constantly during an exercise session to get a decent workout! This 10 minute training video mainly focuses on held positions – or …

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10 minute cardio

Workout: 10 minute Cardio (11 mins)

Lift your heart rate while getting your lungs working and blood pumping with this 10 minute cardiovascular interval training workout. 

side plank

Workout: 10 minute Planks & Abs (12 mins)

Keen for a more challenging workout? This 10-minute intervals training session focuses on planks and tabletop positioning that encourage strengthening and stability in your core. 

The Basics

Workout: 10 minute Basics (11 mins)

Just because this workout uses basic fitness moves doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy! Squats, lunges, push ups, core stabilisers… there’s a bit of everything in this training session …

Workout: 10 minute Basics (11 mins) Read More »

end of day wind down

Yoga: End of Day Wind Down (13 mins)

Gentle yoga poses are a great way to end the day just before bed time – this practice will help you unravel and unwind, finishing off with a body rotation …

Yoga: End of Day Wind Down (13 mins) Read More »

balance 10-10-10

Workout: 10 minute Balance (10 mins)

Challenge your left and right brain, coordination and balance with this short but effective 10 minute training session! 

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