Online Squad Monthly Challenges

Know what you need to do but struggling to maintain motivation? These Monthly Challenges are designed to give you bite-sized monthly goals to work towards. This is because making slow changes to our daily habits is what creates sustainable results!

Focusing on one key thing each month is a great way of helping you get there. After one year, that’s 12 new habits you can layer to get real results that are more likely to stick!


All you need to do is decide on the goal you want to focus on for the month ahead, then check it off each day.


  1. Print the 2-page worksheet:
  2. Decide on ONE thing that you want to work on this month across your fitness, nutrition and wellbeing.
  3. At the start of the month, complete the Monthly Challenge Planning worksheet (first page).
  4. Throughout the month put a big tick on every day you manage to do your goal (second page).

The support and accountability for the Monthly Challenges takes place on the Grace, Grit & Gratitude VIP Facebook group. Keep an eye on the forum for ongoing challenge details there!


TAKE THE FIRST STEP – 5 points for adding a pic of the first page of your worksheet on the pre-challenge Facebook post.

SHOW UP  – 1 point for a comment, 2 points for a photo, 3 points for a video on the Monthly Challenge daily check-in

CONSISTENCY – 5 points given if you check in for at least 24 days out of the month on the daily check-ins

SHARE – 5 points for sharing something you learn that might help others on their own journey (make sure you use #challengetips on your post so we can count it, you can do this as often as you like)

RESULTS – 5 points for sharing your results at the end of month (make sure you use #challengeresults on your post)

BONUS POINTS – Extra challenges for bonus points will be posted at random in the VIP Facebook group.


Those who get more than 30 points for that month’s challenge goes into the draw for the prize which is named at the start of the month. Winner will be picked at random and must have a current membership with the Online Squad for the duration of that month to qualify.

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