12-Week Nutrition Mission Programme

$300.00 for 4 months

Join us for our 12-Week GRACE, GRIT & GRATITUDE Nutrition Mission Programme.


A 12-week online set programme to help you develop healthier nutrition habits and follow through with them. This is not about fast fixes, fad diets or restrictive meal plans; this is about helping you learn sustainable skills and getting you real results with your nutrition.

  • Weekly lesson emails with new challenges to focus on, tasks and resources
  • Twice-weekly email check-ins with one of our coaches
  • Professional, personalised advice for your specific needs and questions
  • Private support community to help keep you inspired and on track

Fixed price for 12 weeks.

With a take-home action plan at the end of the programme and simple methods to create healthier nutrition habits for yourself, this is a great way of keeping you motivated, focused and on track with your health goals in the long term.