Our Fitness Philosophy

Our big fitness philosophy at Grace, Grit & Gratitude is a simple one: Let’s get moving. Any way, as much as you can, give things a go, do what you enjoy.

Honour your body

Many fitness programmes encourage you to go all guns blazing constantly when it comes to the workouts. This can be great for getting physical results, but it can also cause burnout if you ignore your body’s signals that you’re feeling tired, stressed or over-trained. That means you’re less likely to be able to sustain this style of training in the long term.

On the other side of of things, if we’re feeling sluggish after a period of inactivity, sometimes we may benefit from pushing through it, so you need to be honest with what it is that your body needs!

Whether it means you’re doing an intense HIIT workout, a brisk walk outdoors or a gentle stretching session, we don’t mind as long as you’re moving in SOME way!

Just get moving

This really is as simple as it sounds. If you get bored easily, look for new ways to move that inspire you. Jump, climb, go ice skating, rollerblading, trampolining, hiking, play soccer, touch rugby, netball, weed the garden, clean your house until it sparkles, run around with the kids.

Workouts don’t have to be a hard slog, they don’t need to be repetitive, and exercise can be fun.

Remember, moving in ANY way is better than not moving at all. Do what you can, and exercise to feel good.

Let’s get started!

Want some help putting this into action? Join our Online Squad and have access to informative articles, planning tools, videos, recipes, forum support and more! If you would like some more focused attention, you might like to get an Online Personal Coach membership or join our fixed-term 8-week Find Your Balance programme.

Get social

Head over to the Grace, Grit & Gratitude Community Facebook group (or the Grace, Grit & Gratitude Squad group is you’re already a member of our website) and get involved. Whether it’s just reading through some of the posts, asking questions, supporting others on their journey, interacting with the online coaches, or finding some new inspiration, it’s a great opportunity to get together with other people on a similar mission to yourself!

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