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Grace, Grit & Gratitude helps busy women ditch dieting and exhausting exercise with simple, effective habit changes to help you get stronger, have more energy and to feel healthier inside and out.

Do you know what you should be doing when it comes to diet, exercise and wellbeing but struggle with consistency?

The Online Squad membership is all about focusing on the journey rather than the end goal; the skills and healthier habit changes you need to do on a daily basis. Because we know that this is what it takes to get  results that last!

Our online workout and yoga videos, healthy nutrition guidelines, holistic wellbeing tips, private support group and 5 Step success pathway will give you everything you need to nail your goals.

Nail your daily habits and skills; your goals will come so much easier

What Do You Get With The Online Squad?

Join the membership for access to all these resources to help with your health and fitness journey:

The 5 Step Path To Finding Your Balance:

1. Set Your Goals


2. Plan & Prep


3. Habit Shakeup


4. Review & Adjust


5. Bright & Balanced



And this number continues to grow! Created with busy women in mind, all videos are 5 to 40 minutes and designed to be short but effective (because we know your time is precious!). There's something to suit even your busiest days and lowest energy levels. We also place emphasis on safer, sustainable training - because none of us have the time to get injured or burned out! No pain IS gain.

Private VIP
Support group

Be motivated and inspired by others on a similar journey to yourself while getting extra tips and accountability from a professional, experienced trainer. Includes weekly live mindset pep talks and live classes with replays available.


Nail your healthy habits by using the Monthly Challenges to help with consistency. If you like to get competitive, earn points to top the leaderboard for fame, glory... and some sweet prizes.

You can also participate in our 8-Week Find Your Balance Challenge (4 intakes per year) to fast track and amplify your results!


Articles by knowledgeable experienced professionals, self-guided programmes and printable worksheets to help you solidify your health and fitness goals, to plan ahead, and to assess your progress.

Ditch the guilt and deprivation - life is too short!

The Grace, Grit & Gratitude Online Squad is for you if you are ready to have a more sustainable approach to health and fitness – no fast fixes, exhausting short term training methods, complicated meal plans, detoxes, cleanses, or deprivation diets. Instead, we work on balancing our macronutrients, moving our body and looking after ourselves.

If you’re ready to feel healthy both inside and out, create delicious, nourishing meals on your terms, treat your mind and body kindly, and find a more sustainable sense of balance in life, let’s get you started!




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Choose YOUR plan

Each membership grants access to the same Online Squad resources; pick the one that best suits you!

Monthly and Annual plans include a TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL to kickstart your Grace, Grit & Gratitude journey. Cancel any time during the trial if you decide the Online Squad isn’t right for you and no payment will be taken.




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Frequently asked questions

Some videos do use equipment such as loop bands, yoga blocks or straps, but the vast majority of our workouts and yoga sessions don’t require any equipment. If you do have dumbells or similar weights, you can use them to enhance our workouts to adjust the intensity level.

Our workouts and yoga sessions are designed to cater for everyone, low impact/less intense options are always available. If you need further advice around this you can always ask our trainers on the private Grace, Grit & Gratitude VIP Forum on Facebook that you can request access to after joining.

Most of our workouts are based on interval training. This means that regardless of whether you’re new to exercise or an experienced exerciser you’ll still get a great workout as you do as many reps or rounds in the timeframe as your energy/fitness level allows.

The goal is just to get moving in whatever way you can!

Our yoga is Hatha-based yoga; slow flow with elements of traditional yoga woven through the sessions. This yoga is sequenced for a more restorative approach than some of the more fast paced yoga styles out there though depending on the session focus, that doesn’t necessarily translate to it being easy!).

We do this so that you can use your yoga as a way to balance out the chaos of modern life rather than add intensity to it.

We choose to advocate an ‘everything in moderation’ approach to eating in line with the Precision Nutrition methodology. Diet modifications focus on daily habit changes to your existing way of eating; this has been scientifically proven to be more effective for sustainable long term results.

We teach this through habit changes such as body awareness (listening to hunger cues, noticing when you feel satisfied, not eating until you feel overstuffed), learning standard portion sizes, eating mostly whole foods, eating without distractions and eating food slowly and mindfully.

The Grace, Grit & Gratitude approach to nutrition is also designed to create a more positive relationship with food. We don’t provide meal plans as they are rarely effective in the long term, and we steer clear of restrictive eating and food group exclusions. As long as you have no allergies or intolerances, you really can eat what you want; you just need to learn how to be smart about it.

If you do have a specific way that you need to eat for medical reasons (or preference), then the mindful eating techniques and portion sizes we teach will still help you adhere to it so that you can be more consistent with your nutrition.

The Online Squad workouts and yoga sessions have not been created as pregnancy-friendly videos, although we do have general advice around training during pregnancy and modifications etc. in our articles.

We recommend that you consult a health or fitness professional who can personally guide you for your individual needs. Keep an eye out for upcoming prenatal and postnatal programmes.

Our videos have been overseen by a prenatal/postnatal qualified yoga instructor. Grace, Grit & Gratitude training sessions and yoga classes have been created to be low impact (although high impact options may be provided) and don’t incorporate crunches or situps so they are safer than many other general online programmes for women. That said, they haven’t been specifically designed for postnatal women.

We recommend before returning to exercise after baby that you should get medical clearance from your LMC or GP (this is typically 6 weeks postpartum for an uncomplicated birth or 10 weeks for a complicated birth or Caesarean section). We also recommend that before you return to training or yoga, to book in with a women’s health physiotherapist to assess your pelvic floor strength and check for diastasis recti.

It’s important to remember that clearance to return to exercise means gradually building up strength again, and not getting straight back into your pre-pregnancy training. This begins with breath work, core connection and pelvic rehabilitation; even if everything ‘feels’ fine, your body has gone through big changes and we recommend not to skip this step or it may cause issues months or years down the track!

Keep an eye out for our postnatal programme coming soon to the Online Squad.

Grace, Grit & Gratitude programming has been created to help females find a sense of balance across health, wellbeing and fitness through the development of healthier habits and lifestyle changes.

We currently have no male trainers to provide recommendations and our fitness and yoga programming, nutrition advice, and articles posted on the site have been made with women’s physical, mental and emotional needs in mind.

However, we recognise that many of the services we provide in our online memberships and fixed-term programmes may also be useful for men to find a better sense of balance across their health, wellbeing and fitness. It’s important to note that men typically require more calories and may have different nutrition needs to those we recommend.

We advise that if you need help with nutrition, to consult a health or fitness professional who can personally guide you for your individual needs.

All subscription memberships are recurring, when you sign up you will be given instant access and initially billed for the first period (whether it’s a week, a month or a year).

By subscribing, you are signing up for automatic payments via Stripe of the relative amount each pay period, beginning from when you buy the subscription and continuing until you cancel.

You can cancel your subscription at any time which will take effect immediately so no further payments will be withdrawn. You will continue to have membership access until the end of your current paid billing period.

If you choose to end your subscription, you must do this before the next billing cycle starts or you will be charged again.

No refunds or credits will be given for partially used payment periods.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us

Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others

‘Women today are so busy being ‘superwoman’ when it comes to our family, careers, homes, social lives and relationships; myself included! We’re told we can have it all – and we can – but when we’re under pressure typically something’s gotta give and one of the first things to go on the back burner is often our own health and wellbeing. It’s so important for us to take care of ourselves, because that’s when we will lead a more fulfilling life and also be in a better position to help those around us. When we are healthier, happier and not feeling burned out.

For lifestyle changes to be effective for busy women, exercise should be fun, food should be nourishing and delicious, rest is important and so is looking after yourself and your happiness.

‘This isn’t just about doing workouts and knowing what to eat. It’s ditching the frustration. It’s about being HAPPIER. Feeling more ENERGETIC and CONFIDENT. Being HEALTHY inside and out. Simple, effective habit changes not only get results but make health and fitness so much easier!’

Ange Noy


Going it alone is hard work! Find support and accountability in our VIP group

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