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Grace, Grit & Gratitude was created to help busy women get stronger, eat healthier and reduce stress in a sustainable way by focusing on habit changes.

Guided by Ange Noy, the 21 Days of Yoga Challenge is designed to teach you breath awareness, moving your body with your breath, and progressively take you through new poses as we explore a different focus each session.

  • Create a daily habit of getting onto your yoga mat
  • Nurture mindfulness
  • Improve your strength and flexbility
  • Increase body awareness

Daily habits form the foundations of sustainable change


Building your experience over time, each day of the challenge a new session will unlock with a different focus, new poses and yoga techniques to learn. Each session will lock after three days to keep you motivated to progress through the challenge. Once a session is locked, you can still gain access to it with an Online Squad membership subscription.

Community Support group

Get motivation and support from others on the challenge by logging on each day and letting us know how you get on. Ange, the instructor, will be online to answer any questions you've got between 7pm-8pm for each day of the challenge.

It's time to get to know your body!

Here's what we'll cover over the 21 Days Of Yoga Challenge:

Day 1: Start where you are
Day 2: Moving with the breath
Day 3: Yoga for better posture
Day 4: Warrior grounding
Day 5: Core connection
Day 6: Side body stretch out
Day 7: Hip opening happiness
Day 8: Salute the sun
Day 9: Strength with softness
Day 10: Balance it out
Day 11: Twists for digestive health
Day 12: Charge up your agni
Day 13: Limber up your lower back
Day 14: Fold it forwards
Day 15: Bend it back
Day 16: Finding focus
Day 17: Happy hamstrings
Day 18: Neck & shoulder love
Day 19: Open your heart
Day 20: Adventurous arm balancing
Day 21: Flip your world upside down

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bed yoga
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Frequently asked questions

This course is designed to be done with just a yoga mat, no other special equipment is necessary. However, if you have props such as yoga blocks, a strap or a blanket, you’re welcome to use them.

Our yoga sessions are designed to cater for everyone, however, every body is unique so it’s important to listen to what it’s telling you. Don’t force yourself into a pose that doesn’t feel right, and if you experience any sharp pain or discomfort, back off the pose and choose an alternative such as Extended Child’s Pose.

If you need further advice around this you can always ask on the Grace, Grit & Gratitude Facebook forums.

Our yoga is Hatha-based yoga; slow flow with elements of traditional yoga woven through the sessions. This yoga is sequenced for a more restorative approach than some of the more fast paced yoga styles out there though depending on the session focus, that doesn’t necessarily translate to it being easy!).

We do this so that you can use your yoga as a way to balance out the chaos of modern life rather than add intensity to it.

The 21-Days of Yoga sessions have not been created as pregnancy-friendly videos, although we do have general advice around training during pregnancy and modifications etc. in our articles if you are an Online Squad member.

We recommend that you consult a health or fitness professional who can personally guide you for your individual needs. Keep an eye out for upcoming prenatal and postnatal programmes.

This programme hasn’t been specifically designed for postnatal women. We recommend before returning to exercise after baby that you should get medical clearance from your LMC or GP (this is typically 6 weeks postpartum for an uncomplicated birth or 10 weeks for a complicated birth or Caesarean section). We also recommend that before you return to training or yoga, to book in with a women’s health physiotherapist to assess your pelvic floor strength and check for diastasis recti.

It’s important to remember that clearance to return to exercise means gradually building up strength again, and not getting straight back into your pre-pregnancy training. This begins with breath work, core connection and pelvic rehabilitation; even if everything ‘feels’ fine, your body has gone through big changes and we recommend not to skip this step or it may cause issues months or years down the track!

Keep an eye out for our postnatal programme coming soon to the Online Squad.

Grace, Grit & Gratitude programming has been created to help females find a sense of balance across health, wellbeing and fitness through the development of healthier habits and lifestyle changes.

We currently have no male instructors to provide recommendations and our yoga programming has been made with women’s physical, mental and emotional needs in mind.

However, we recognise that this challenge may also be useful for men, so provided you bear the above in mind you may find this programme useful.

Yes, the challenge is free! As the challenge progresses, each session will lock and become unavailable after three days.

Once the sessions have locked, the challenge will continue to be available as part of the Online Squad membership. You will continue to receive Grace, Grit & Gratitude newsletters once the challenge has finished and you can unsubscribe from these at any time.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us

Connection. Grounding. Self-love. Awareness. Explore it all with this challenge.

‘When I started out in personal training 10 years ago, I never imagined I would end up as a yoga teacher. I was more interested in pushing myself as hard as I could and burning calories. This mindset was fine until it wasn’t – without giving my body the time to rest and recover I was constantly feeling burned out.

I began exploring yoga after a dear friend of mine began her yoga teacher’s training, going to her classes at the gym to support her journey. I was hooked, and it helped that yoga was improving my flexibility for ice figure skating which was my favourite way to get active. What I didn’t expect was how much I’d love the non-physical benefits.

Better sleep, breathing techniques to manage my stress, anxiety and anger, improved self awareness, a greater ability to see the big picture. This doesn’t mean that I’m zen all the time! But I have those tools in my toolbox to use if I need them.

Yoga has taught me to slow down and appreciate my body for what it can do rather than what it can’t. Since completing my Advanced Yoga Teacher’s Training I’ve been wanting to assemble a little of everything I’ve learned into a course, and this 21-Days Of Yoga Challenge is the result! I’m so excited to bring this to you; I really hope you find it enjoyable and useful.

Ange Noy


If you don't look after your body, who will?

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