Winterproof your outdoor workouts

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Heading into the colder months and know your workout routine is potentially going to fall by the wayside because of it? It can be hard to stay motivated when the days are shorter, the temperature is cooler and the weather is unpredictable. Here are some tips to help you get through autumn and winter.

Get the right gear

A little rain isn’t going to hurt you. In fact, sometimes it can be invigorating to train in the rain! However, you want your body to stay warm as well as dry if possible.

If you’re thinking about keeping your workouts going outdoors, it helps to have the right gear sorted at the start. Consider the following:

  • A waterproof rain jacket suitable for whatever activity you’re doing. One with a hood could be useful especially if you like to run with music and plan to wear headphones/earbuds (if you don’t have a hood and it starts to rain, it may run down the space around your neck and your clothes under the raincoat will get wet too!)
  • Consider fabrics that are designed to wick away sweat to keep you drier while you train, and wear layers to keep your body warm.
  • Reflective items are a good idea if you’re running by the roadside or cycling to increase your visibility in lower light. Along these lines, wearing bright colours rather than opting for black training gear may also help keep you safer.
  • Have some good training shoes that will dry out quickly if they get wet. They will also need decent grip if you’re training on wet surfaces. Make sure you have a way to dry your shoes quickly such as a hot water cupboard or small room with a dehumidifier.

Change your timing

If you know you’re not motivated to work out when it’s cold and dark, consider your options so that you don’t have to train outdoors in the early morning or evening otherwise you’ll quickly become resistant towards your training sessions! This could mean:

  • A lunch time training session
  • Adding a series of mini workouts throughout your day
  • Increasing your incidental activity such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking an extra block away so you have to walk further
  • Planning your outdoor training but having an indoor last resort alternative as a backup in case you really don’t want to head outside

If changing your timing absolutely won’t work, come up with an action plan for your obstacles.

Don’t like the cold? Consider the small gel hand warmers or a good pair of lightweight breathable gloves and a warm hat.

Don’t like the rain? Have your wet weather gear sorted or find an outdoor space that’s undercover.

Struggle with motivation? Lay out your workout clothes the night before and give yourself the goal of just getting out the door – that first step will always be the hardest part, once that’s done your workout is a happening thing!

Don’t dwell in wet gear

Have warm, dry clothes ready to get changed into when you’re finished. Hanging around in wet gear isn’t just uncomfortable, you’re also more likely to get sick. If you can have a nice warm shower and reset before you continue your day.

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