side plank extension

Workout: The Aria (31 mins)

This interval training session has a coordination theme – if you struggle with your lefts and your rights, don’t worry just yet! Using your coordination is great for challenging the …

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Workout: The Sofia (29 mins)

This interval workout is going to get into a bit of everything – from playing with our squats timing, to balance work, core and push up play. Let’s do it! …

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Workout: The Grace (32 mins)

This interval training workout includes a bit of everything – upper body, lower body, core, and… crunches. Kind of a big deal as we don’t often include crunches in our …

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Workout: The Emily (31 mins)

This interval training workout draws some of it’s inspiration from yoga moves. You’ll work your whole body while adding an extra element of moving purposely and mindfully while you train. …

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baby pistol

Workout: The Stella (28 mins)

This intervals session works a little bit of everything with a slight focus on the lower body, so get ready to work those legs! Workout format: 5 mins warmup 20 …

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Workout: The Anna (31 mins)

Get ready for a dance conditioning-inspired workout. Don’t worry if dancing’s not your thing, this is still strength training but we’re working into your balance, coordination, core, and all those …

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Workout: The Lisa (31 mins)

In this interval training session we’re workout the whole body – expect a bit of boxing (with some defensive moves thrown in there!), bit of legs, bit of upper body, …

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prone superman

Workout: The Zoe (33 mins)

This is a superhero style workout! Lot’s of fighting combos, core-bracing, and some superman-themed moves. This one’s going to work your whole body. Workout format: 5 mins warmup 20 mins …

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side plank with leg lift

Workout: The Mia (30 mins)

This session is mostly down on the mat, so we’re getting strongly into the upper body and core during this workout. Get ready for some decent bracing action (and some …

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Workout: The Hannah (34 mins)

This boxing-inspired intervals workout will get your cardiovascular system pumping! Get ready to punch, kick and work on your defensive moves. Workout format: 5 mins warmup 20 mins of interval …

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prayer squat

Workout: The Ava (31 mins)

This intervals session is designed to work your whole body; we start off by taking a look at purposeful movement and exercising with intention. Workout format: 5 mins warmup 20 …

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