push up pantheon

Workout: Push Up Pantheon (16 mins)

This workout is a tough one! A whole lot of different push up variations alternated with squat jumps to lift your heart rate and work your entire body. If plyometrics aren’t for you, substitute the squat jumps for regular squats, or squat swings.    

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super saga short

Workout: Super Saga [Short] (19 mins)

In the shorter version of this superhero themed workout, you’ll challenge your coordination, balance, stability and core muscles. If you don’t have a lot of time but want to do some decent strengthening, look no further! Pay close attention to the cues to perform the movements more mindfully and maximise the benefits of your training …

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super saga

Workout: Super Saga (30 mins)

This superhero themed training session is going to work your balance, coordination, stability and core. Any exercise movement can seem easy, but the magic happens when you perform it mindfully! Listen for the cues and try to make the small adjustments for a more challenging workout.  

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down to the core

Workout: Down To The Core (28 mins)

If you’re after a challenging core workout, this one is for you! Find strength in your deep abdominals with these moves designed to work the muscles, help protect your lower back and improve your posture and stability.  

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Workout: Glute Reboot (31 mins)

Time to challenge those glute muscles to help strengthen your squats, improve your posture, stabilise the pelvis and work on your core strength (did you know your glutes help with all of that?!)

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legs 11

Workout: Legs 11 (29 mins)

Eleven rounds of legs-focused exercises! Get ready, it’s time to feel the burn… Make sure you do a decent lower body stretch afterwards!

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